• Finlay Brewer sell and rent a substantial amount of property and frequently achieve record prices.
  • Finlay Brewer is privately owned and the Directors are involved at every stage of your sale – from valuation of your property to collection of the keys by your buyers.
  • Finlay Brewer’s dedicated sales and lettings teams have unrivalled local knowledge.
  • Finlay Brewer will market your property across the internet and instantly e-mail it to their carefully selected and regularly updated database of potential buyers and tenants.
  • Finlay Brewer can produce brochures/property details within 48 hours of being approved by you.
  • Finlay Brewer is synonymous with selling property in the area and has an excellent database of suitable buyers.
  • Finlay Brewer is synonymous with renting property in the area and has an excellent database of suitable applicants, both private and corporate.
  • Finlay Brewer believes in optimum market exposure, with a strong presence on the internet and extensive advertising in selected property press.
  • Finlay Brewer tailors the entire marketing plan to suit our vendors and the property that you have instructed us to sell or rent.
  • Finlay Brewer acts immediately and is not constrained by corporate systems and bureaucracy.
  •  The Directors and staff of Finlay Brewer work relentlessly, tirelessly and flexibly to ensure that the sale and rental of your property runs as smoothly as possible for you.
  • Best results, continuity, courtesy, ethics and efficiency are the hallmarks of the Finlay Brewer brand.
  • There is no small print with Finlay Brewer, what you see is what you get.

Top Tips For Dressing Your Home

To ensure that your property looks its best for photographs and viewings:

  • Please ensure the property is clean and tidy. In particular clear away toys, clothes, toiletries, utensils and pet accessories but leave out attractive ornaments/decorations for contemporary shots. Remove TV remote controls, wires of appliances and clear coffee tables.
  • Arrange fresh flowers if possible.
  • Clear away kitchen clutter and leave surfaces clear. Remove jars and bottles but leave things that look appropriate such as shiny new coffee makers.
  • Straighten bed covers, fluff pillows and arrange furniture neatly.
  • Ensure that balcony/terrace doors can be opened to get the best shots possible.
  • Bathrooms – please ensure that bottles and laundry bins are put away and towels are folded neatly.
  • Ensure the lawn is mowed, any gardening equipment is stored away and the garden furniture is clean and arranged neatly. Put away refuse bins.