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It’s that time of year when those words are heard once more – “School’s Out”! Any thoughts of restful afternoons come to an abrupt end while children across the country celebrate the start of the summer mayhem. Six long weeks! But it’s not all bad as we now feel the beach beckoning and even feel that “summer vibe” at home during this long, hot summer of 2018.

Don’t worry, we’ll still be working hard all summer long at Finlay Brewer. While the rest of the world winds down, we in the property business are still busy finding people their next dream home. And that’s because people keep on moving, be it re-locating for work, being in the right catchment area for the next school, accommodating a new baby or just plain old itchy feet.

Market News

With Brexit still hanging over the economy and growth a bit up and down, the direction of travel is not always clear. So, are prices still going up or down? Is this the time to downsize or upsize? Rent something? Sell everything? Or just sit on your hands? Well, we can tell you that sales prices are down in West London while rent levels remain steady.

Our recommendation to anyone thinking of selling is to be realistic, listen to what your agent advises you, ask for recent comparable evidence to support the suggested market price, trust experienced, local advice. Thankfully the housing market has remained remarkably resilient throughout the last few years of political and economic toing-and-froing and there are still buyers and tenants around for the right property at the right price.

So while you enjoy a couple of weeks of well earned rest, if you can get phone reception without moving your deckchair, why not give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we can give you a good idea of the likely sale or rental price for your property in the current market or, we can guide you through what is available to buy or rent in your budget. As with any time, the housing market is ultimately, a local affair. National trends are all well and good but you’ll be selling a property in a specific location and national averages don’t always reflect local conditions. We on the other hand, can tell you exactly what’s happening with your type of property, in your street, in your postcode.

Well, that’ll do for this month. I’ll leave you to enjoy your summer and be back again next month.