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With British Summer Time officially underway, the wet and snowy start to the year is becoming a distant memory and we can start to dream of warmer days, Bank Holidays and (of course) the property market bursting into life. Often after a period of harsh weather, we get a bit of pent-up demand which then gives an extra boost to the market. We’re not anticipating any fireworks but after a snowy winter and wet spring we do expect things to improve noticeably.

Mortgage Rates

Even though there was a surprise drop in the inflation figures last month, most commentators are predicting the upward trend will continue but there are signs of a possible rise in interest rates. Certainly we have noticed that many mortgage companies are now busy re-jigging or removing the cheapest guaranteed fixed-rate mortgages from their portfolio. We aren’t talking about huge figures, maybe a quarter of a percentage point or so. It’s nowhere near enough to affect the balance of the market but why pay more for your mortgage than you need to.

Team FB!

I don’t know if it’s the weather or the Commonwealth Games but the Finlay Brewer Team have been making plans for their summer 2018 challenge and have boldly entered a team into a “Tough Mudder” event in July. Exercise and nutrition plans have been drawn up (and are already being ignored by some) and there’s much discussion as to who will be carrying who over the finish line as the competitive edges start to show themselves. I will report on the outcome later in the year.

So if you’re thinking of moving, it’s time to get your skates (or muddy trainers) on. All you need do is give us a call and we will give you a no-obligation appraisal for sale or for let. At least then you will have all the facts to hand to help you decide your next move and you’ll also have a fighting chance of making that onward purchase before rates rise.

I’ll see you here again next month.