Teresa Brewer of Finlay Brewer Estate Agents

If it’s not too late, best wishes for 2019 from all of us at Finlay Brewer I hope you had a good break from the stresses and strains of 2018.

2019 started with political, European and commercial uncertainty, the only real certainty is the ongoing uncertainty.

People still need to move

Here at Finlay Brewer we are still selling and renting properties.  Sellers are beginning to understand the market and we are seeing far more sensible asking prices. From the buyers’ perspective, many of them are utterly fed up with the never-ending Brexit negotiations and are simply ‘moving on’ with their lives.  Increasing number of buyers are raising their heads above the parapets and are actively looking AND more importantly……….offering.  It’s still ‘their market’ and they want properties to tick all the boxes but the bottom line is, and has been for some time, that if a property is priced correctly there are going to be (and have been) competing offers. 

Finlay Brewer Seasonal Sales

We experienced our first “seasonal sales” year for a long time in 2018 with our two best months for completions being August and December with buyers making sure they move in time for the summer holidays and Christmas, these are the family moves, the big houses, meanwhile the flat market was consistent throughout the year with a small increase in December, which is consistent with other years.  SO the proof is that people are still buying and as the economy wakes up to 2019 it will be interesting to see whether property market activity follows political news or sticks to it’s own pattern.  We just don’t know but we have experienced a wide range of market conditions since we first opened in 1992 so we are prepared for whatever the market throws at us.

Finlay Brewer Lettings

The lettings market has started 2019 reasonably strongly, and although the supply seems to be increasing in the 1-2 bed market as we get into the year, there is still a good demand.  The house rental market is usually a bit sleepy at this time of year, which is reflected by the low number of houses available, but there is an unusual amount of activity at this level, so the signs are there that 2019  could  be a much wanted improvement on 2018, for lettings anyway.

Hotel pour Vous?

We have just launched a very interesting opportunity in the South of France. A fantastic opportunity to purchase a sizeable and well-located hotel that has become available in the charming Medieval town of La Turbie in Provence, close to the Principality of Monaco. Hôtel Napoléon covers 1,220 square metres and boasts 24 private rooms with an expansive restaurant space. It has also been granted planning approval to add a further two storeys, which would allow for twelve extra rooms covering 234 square metres and additional amenities. With a full refurbishment, remodelling and repurposing of the ground floor amenities, the hotel will be a unique destination for travellers and locals alike.  Click here for more details.

So, if you think that 2019 could be the year to make your move, now would be a good time to give us a call and let us help you get the ball rolling. I’ll see you next month, if I don’t hear from you before.