Well, once July has finally come around, you start feeling that summer is truly here – and after the heat wave in June, who knows, maybe we will have a good one this year! Nothing signifies summer more than that six week period when ‘school’s out’. Suddenly the idea of lazy summer afternoons gets overtaken by the reality of children with just too much free time! While at the office we have to plan our weeks around the minefield of other people’s “annual leave” (I am not a fan of that expression, let’s just call it holiday)!

High summer is supposed to be a quieter period for the sales property market but we have some excellent buyers waiting for the right house to come on. September is just eight weeks away so if you’re thinking of taking advantage of the autumn market and getting your property on the market, now would be a good time for talking to us and putting the wheels in motion.

House prices have been a bit slow over the past few months. They have been rising, according to most indices but not by much. However, the latest Nationwide report suggests there are signs that there is a slight up-tick going on, which will be welcome news for all of those looking to sell this year. Also the mortgage market is very competitive and there are some excellent rates available.

Over the last 25 years we have witnessed some very busy summers in Lettings, the house letting market is particularly busy right now as families look to be settled in their new homes before the start of the new school year in September.  Meanwhile the flats and small house market never slows down for summer as the flush of new graduates and first jobbers boosts the number of applicants. There is new Local Authority Registration for many rental properties in Hammersmith and Fulham so give us a call and we will give you the latest information about this and the market.

Well, I think that will do from me for this month. Enjoy the sunshine and we’ll catch up again in August.