Protect your home this WINTER

Keeping your home nice and warm…

Make sure your central heating is working, check your radiators are working properly. You can get your boiler serviced by a GasSafe-registered professional to be safe and warm this winter. To check your radiators see if they’re colder at the top than the bottom, if they are then you need to bleed them to remove the trapped air… then set your heating to at least 10 degrees to make sure your pipes don’t freeze. This can save you money on your energy bills!

The great outdoors…

Look out for cracks or holes on external walls and on the roof of your home, these might need fixing before the weather gets colder, if water gets into these gaps it could expand and freeze causing damage to your walls/roof, and potentially the pipes could freeze & burst. Look after the pipes by fitting insulation or foam wrapping to them.

Clear gutters from blockage as this could cause water overspill down the front of your building. Check your outside security lights are working now through the dark winter months.

Let it snow…

If we see some snow this Winter try to brush it off your roof where safe to do so, snow causes damage to your home as it adds weight. If the snow builds up around the brickwork outside it can cause damp so try to rake or brush it away. Salt can be put out on your path if snow is predicted or you can use salt to melt away ice – never use water as it will refreeze and cause black ice!

Be Prepared

Keep the number of a reliable boiler engineer (or your property’s managing agent) to hand it is no surprise that there are three times as many call outs in the winter as in the summer.


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