Monday 8th February we are supporting Friends Of Brook Green Inter Street Quiz. The Friends of Brook Green Association and charity, their focus is the maintenance, renewal and sensitive enhancement of Brook Green with the aim of improving its appearance and facilities and of promoting its responsible use.


  • To preserve, protect and enhance the Green for the enjoyment of the whole community for years to come
  • To encourage access to Brook Green’s amenities, recreational facilities and environment and ensure that these are provided for the benefit of the whole community
  • To make members of our community more immediately aware of key issues concerning Brook Green
  • To promote the importance of being active members of our community
  • To make it easier for members of our community to voice their opinion on issues concerning Brook Green and thus become the main forum for formulating our community views
  • To encourage an inclusive and participatory community spirit
  • To raise funds and invite and receive contributions, subscriptions, covenants, donations and otherwise from any person or persons whatsoever, for the preservation, protection and improvement of Brook Green
  • To lobby for funds/grants for the Green and to monitor the expenditure of any funds designated to Brook Green by outside bodies
  • To represent fairly the views and interests of the whole community in all discussions with both the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and other bodies regarding Brook Green