Nepal Fundraising Concert this Saturday at St Marys Church, Acton W3. On the 25th April, tragedy hit the small Himalayan nation of Nepal when an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck the country. Killing more than 8,500 people and leaving more than 250,000 people homeless Nepal is a country in crisis. UN officials report that a month on, millions of people are still in need of basic humanitarian assistance.

Nepal, one of the poorest nations in the world, unsurprisingly suffers from a basic infrastructure countrywide particularly in terms of its transportation network, which is making the on-going aid effort even harder for those trying to handle the disaster. In Kathmandu, the capital, local companies and disaster agencies are struggling not only to help those in the city, but also those in remote areas who have been all but completely isolated by the earthquake. Furthermore, whilst the people of Nepal remain topmost in peoples’ minds, culturally Nepal has suffered enormously too with at least four out of the seven UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu Valley being badly affected.

This disaster has affected people across our boroughs, some directly, some indirectly. It is important that we all continue to support the Nepalese people which is why Finlay Brewer are pleased to be able to contribute to this effort by sponsoring the Music for Nepal Concert.

Music For Nepal

The event is being held on Saturday 6th June from 5.30pm in St Mary’s Church in Acton. The fabulous Sing Gospel choir will provide the music and there will also be a Nepalese food, drinks and a raffle to raise as much money as possible for those desperately needing all the help we can offer. All proceeds will go directly to those helping in the field in Nepal.

Contact for tickets: 

Lynne in Ealing 07876 213 969,

Kay in Kew 07876 230 066,