We have made it! Spring has arrived! The wonderful clumps of crocuses on Brook Green are a joy to behold and it really does feel like we can shelve all thoughts of winter for at least another 8 months ….. said the eternal optimist! We are half way through Lent and Easter is on the horizon, so all in all life feels good! Yes, I agree, that might be enough exclamation marks for this particular newsletter.

Lettings have had a great start to the year and Emma is delighted by the efforts the team are making to secure good tenants paying good rents for our landlords. We have a great selection of properties to offer applicants and relocation agents including this great 4 bedroom family home on Dunsany Road and this elegant 2 bedroom flat on Addison Road, but we are always looking to take on more properties so if you have a property to rent or your friends have properties to rent, get in touch with Emma to book in an appraisal now.

We had an excellent evening at The Park Club where we were sponsoring their Charity Boxing Match in aid of the extraordinary Russell Dawkins and his Back on Track Charity. Sixteen brave novices from the Park Club and nearby Hogarth Club put themselves through three punishing 2 minute rounds and showed a packed audience the results of three months of intense training under coaches Lee Denton and Ali Ahmed. It is hard to describe how intense the experience appeared to be.

In a real fight situation, two minutes seems a very long time and those who made it to the third round were demonstrably drawing on their very last reserves of energy to keep fighting to the very end. Some pugilists weren’t so lucky, succumbing to mighty knock-out blows in the first round. All in all it was a superb evening and raised £25,000 for Back on Track.

Our other charity effort for March was supporting Red Nose Day which is always a source of great amusement. This year was all about the face painting and whilst the girls tended towards the pretty and the sparkly, we can always rely on Simon and Mike to up the ante and really show us how it’s done. What I love about any form of dressing up in an office environment is the amount of people who don’t make any comment at all as they discuss buying a flat with a pirate or chat about their property with a tiger. In Askew Road, the pole was up and Bryony amazed visitors with her skills. I would like to say, I did the same (no you may NOT see the picture), but I thought I did pretty well for my first attempt! We raised £240 for Comic Relief and would like to thank everyone who supported us.

Obviously our thoughts, like many of yours, remain on the upcoming election, but there is little more I can say in addition to what I wrote in last month’s letter …… May will come and we are ready to act swiftly when the results are in. Until then, enjoy the Spring sunshine and start planning those Easter Egg hunts …… remember you can NEVER have enough chocolate.